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OVNI (UFO) se estrella en California este último 22 de Agosto?

Los recientes reportes han tomado un drástico cambio ultimamento en torno a las investigaciones de los extraños eventos vistos en California en la última semana. Nuevos testigos indicaron que existión una suerte de lucha entre las fuerzas militares y una gran nave triangular negra. Esa misma nave había sido vista en Canada esa misma semana.

Los testigos vieron esta nave triangular tratando de elevarse desde un lado de la montaña en una ubicacion muy cercana al norte de Fresno. Uno de los testigos, el Sr Gonzalez se trató de acercar al lugar del evento y encontró muchos otros testigos. Lo que vio fue increible: 3 potentes luces blancas que salían de la nave. Las investigaciones continuan acerca de si hubo o no conflicto entre la fuerza aerea americana y en caso esto sea asi, a que se debería. Seguiremos informando.

Extracto de Latest UFO sightings

With witnesses screaming in the background, "It's trying to take off, it's trying to lift!" Mr. Gonzalez learned that witnesses had seen a black triangular craft crashed into the side of a mountain at the location just north of Fresno. Wasting no time, Gonzalez sprang into action and arrived at the scene where the witnesses had called from. What he observed were three white lights coming from the hillside and several vehicles descending on the object through the rough terrain. From his position on the mountain he then witnessed a light similar to an arc welder used to cut through metal and in automobile production. Gonzalez speculates that the craft may have been undergoing repairs or being torn through by the welders in order to transport it in more easy to manage pieces. By the light of day the investigator left behind reported seeing a peculiar stingray shaped vessel in front of an abandoned shack on the mountain accompanied by two massive burn marks on the hill.

If there is a conflict ongoing between military forces and these mysterious triangular aircraft several questions need to be addressed. First, what is the nature of the conflict? Is it a serious assault or could they possibly be part of some sort of clandestine training program or war game scenario? Second, if the craft are not part of the US military and the conflict is as genuine as many witnesses are suggesting, what purpose do the triangular craft serve and who are their occupants? Of course this is even assuming they have occupants. And of course the most general and possibly most important question that is ever present remains, what are the craft doing?

The scene described has two possible scenarios that could lead up to it, and either one without additional disputing evidence seems at least possible at this point. Either one, the craft was a test vehicle that underwent some sort of malfunction and was grounded for some reason, or two it was actually engaged in some sort of mission. And if the second scenario is true, what happened to the occupants of the craft? And will there be more looking for them soon? Perhaps the most disturbing bit of evidence suggesting the second scenario might be true comes in the form of the witness testimony overheard by Gonzalez, "It's trying to take off, it's trying to lift!" Unless it was in possibly hostile territory, why would it risk exposure and further malfunctions by trying to take off so quickly after having crashed rather than wait for assistance from the ground?

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